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(SC9163) Essential Bracelet Kit (1 SET)



Essential Bracelet Kit

Get ahead of the curve... with ImpressArt's Essential Bracelet Kit!

Our Essential Bracelet Kit includes bracelet blanks and all the essential tools needed to align stamped impressions and bend bracelet blanks into cuff shape.

Essential Bracelet Kit includes:

  • Bracelet Guides: Evenly space out and align letters in a straight line
  • Stamp Enamel Sample: Darkens stamped impressions
  • Bracelet Bending Bar: Bends bracelet blanks into cuff shape
  • Bracelet Bending Pliers: Achieves a perfectly round cuff
  • (4) Bracelet Blanks 1/4" x 6", Aluminum
  • (4) Bracelet Blanks 3/8" x 6", Aluminum