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 > How to clean sterling silver ?

Silver is a white shiny metal that oxidizes, tarnishes and blackens naturally when in contact with air, humidity, sweat etc on the surface of the metal. It is a natural phenomenon, guarantee of the quality of the metal and proof that it contains pure silver. However, it is easy to clean to restore its shine and colour. To clean sterling silver, we advise you to use bicarbonate of soda and water or toothpaste to gently rub your piece of jewellery with a soft toothbrush. To restore its shine, you can rub it with a leather chamois or micro fibre cloth. You can also find specific silver cleaning products in shops but these products are corrosive and will damage the piece progressively.

> What is rhodium plating on sterling silver?

Rhodium plating is the process of galvanisation. A treatment on the surface of sterling silver using rhodium. It avoids the oxidation of sterling silver. 

> 1 Micron & 3 Micron Gold Plating

Typical 'tourist standard' Gold plating Is 0.3micron Gold plating, which Is a very thin layer of Gold Plating. 1 Micron Is considered a Good Gold Plating lasting much longer. 3 Micron Gold Plating Is an excellent Grade of Gold Plating having fantastic Long-Lasting qualities.